Frontier faithful

By Ben Grundy Rev Rowena Harris has a long history of thriving in ministry roles that are positioned to provide pastoral support for those most in need.

UCA responds to social housing need

By Ben Grundy The Uniting Church’s social housing ministry is set to be supported with greater resourcing and expertise in an ambitious plan to strategically coordinate social housing projects from throughout the synod.

Modern missionaries

BEN GRUNDY The word ‘missionary’ may conjure an image of old-world, and perhaps outdated, Christian missional work in developing countries.

Julian Burnside on asylum seekers in Australia

On Sunday 1 November, the Outer Eastern Asylum Seeker Support Network will host prominent human rights activist Julian Burnside for a public forum to discuss issues around refugees and asylum seekers in an Australian con

Pacific Partners

By BEN GRUNDY When Cyclone Pam devastated parts of Vanuatu earlier this year, the North Ringwood Uniting Church swung into action.

Home is where the heart is

By Ben Grundy The plight of refugees and asylum seekers can be an exasperating issue for those who campaign for just and humane policies towards people displaced by war and persecution.

Serving Springvale

Nyuok G. By Ben Grundy Like most churches Springvale Uniting Church has longstanding ties with its local community.

Humanitarian crisis

Pressure is mounting on South East Asian authorities to address the growing humanitarian crisis of refugees and asylum seekers stranded in the Andaman Sea and Straits of Malacca.

Budget dollars and sense

Once again, all eyes of the nation’s media turned to Canberra for the annual announcement of the Federal Budget.

One World WonTok

Students from Uniting Church and Anglican schools recently took part in the One World WonTok Youth Conference.

Grim discovery shines a light on Rohingya

The recent discovery of at least 32 bodies in Thailand’s Songkhla province has highlighted the horrific plight of the Rohingya – an oppressed ethnic minority from Myanmar.