What the FIFA scandal says about us

The reports coming out of Switzerland indicate that Sepp Blatter presided over the most ludicrous of rackets, treating an organisation that represents the “world game” as a banana republic.

The Other Story

By Andrew Juma “Closest to the believers in love and affection are the Christians”(from the Qu’ran, Chapter 5 verse 82).

Continuing a conversation

By Andrew Juma The final session in the Understanding Islam series at North Ringwood Uniting Church featured a panel discussion with invited Muslim guests.

Framing a conversation

By Andrew Juma Multiculturalism is widely considered to be a cornerstone of modern Australian society.


Current American sentiment, indeed that of most of the world, is firmly against war and foreign intervention.

Let them be seen

Hidden People Review by Andrew Juma OF THE major pandemics afflicting the world, leprosy is probably the one forgotten by mainstream society.

Django Unchained – racism unchanged

Django Unchained was arguably the most controversial movie nominated for an Oscar during this awards season due not to its brutal violence, but its liberal use of racial epithets.