Matter of life and death

When a doctor pronounces us dead, are we really dead? Or is part of us still alive? If so, is that our soul, or spirit? Or are they the same thing? So many questions. Read on and you may find some answers.

Theology in reel-time

Going to the movies is not often considered a deep theological experience, but a new course at Pilgrim Theological College is set to challenge that.

All nations or one nation?

Sir Rohan Delacombe, Governor of Victoria and four times Administrator of the Commonwealth of Australia, sits in on the English Language Lab at Church of All Nations, in the 1960s.

Together towards life

By John Flett In September, I gathered with 31 other participants in Bangkok for a seminar co-hosted by the World Council of Churches and the Council for World Mission.

August letters

Access denied I write this letter concerning the Uniting Church withdrawing its support for ACCESS Ministries.

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