Duncan to take reins at eLM

Duncan Macleod will start in the role of Executive Officer with equipping Leadership for Mission in February.

Duncan Macleod will bring a wide range of experience gained in New Zealand and four Australian states and territories when he begins a vitally important role with equipping Leadership for Mission next year.

General Secretary Mark Lawrence has announced Duncan will take on the role of Executive Officer in February as the permanent replacement for Jenny Byrnes, who retired earlier this year.

Adrian Pyle is currently filling the role on an interim basis.

“The eLM EO Nominating Committee discerned with Duncan that he has considerable experience, gifts and graces in areas of mission, leadership, pastoral, operations, and so on, to undertake this important missional and strategic role within the Synod and the wider Church,” Mark said in announcing the appointment.

Born in New Zealand, Duncan served as a minister and in a national youth ministry role with the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand before coming to Australia in 2001.

He has worked in the Queensland and NSW/ACT Synods, before moving to Victoria, where he has been Presbytery Minister – Team Leader in the Presbytery of Port Phillip East since 2019.

During his five years within the NSW/ ACT Synod, as Uniting Learning Network Director and Acting Executive Officer with Uniting Mission & Education, Duncan worked with Jenny on a number of projects involving both Synods.

He also worked closely with Jenny on the Money for Mission program within the Synod in his Port Phillip East Presbytery role.

Duncan brings many qualities to the role of eLM Executive Officer and is looking forward to building on the work carried out by Jenny.

“I bring wide experience gained over 20 years in mission consultancy and education roles, as well as a background in intergenerational ministry,” Duncan said.

“From a leadership perspective, I advocate an approach based on attention to how people relate to each other, and resourcing rather than control as the sort of culture I like to develop within an organisation.

“One of my roles at eLM will be continuing to build trust between the presbyteries and congregations and between presbyteries and the Synod, while looking at the bigger picture of what the Uniting Church is doing in Australia.

“I’m also interested in how we can foster emerging generations of leaders within the Church.”


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