Kits support safe childbirth

Viv Speight, Pam Cracknell, Susan Swann and Doreen Greenwood assemble birthing kits.

Birthing kits packed by Bairnsdale Uniting Church members are helping pregnant women and saving lives in developing countries.

Kits packed last year have made their way to a number of African countries, as well as Papua New Guinea.

The kits are important resources given free of charge to recognised agencies which support women before, during and after childbirth to help with hygienic and safe birth practices, resulting in lower child mortality and morbidity rates.

The project was a Johnsonville Uniting Church initiative and will now be a regular joint activity encouraging others outside the congregations to help.

Anyone interested in helping support birthing kits for women in developing countries can obtain more information here.

The next birthing kits assembly day will be held in the second half of the year, if and when funds are available.

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