Synod farewells Sharon Hollis

Sharon Hollis will leave the Synod and is taking over as National Assembly President in July.

By Andrew Humphries

The tributes flowed freely at Wesley Place yesterday as Synod staff farewelled Sharon Hollis.

The former Moderator and current Culture of Safety Resource Minister is leaving her Synod role to become Assembly President from July.

General Secretary Mark Lawrence, Associate General Secretary Isabel Thomas Dobson and Ethical Standards Manager Sue Clarkson spoke glowingly about Sharon’s contribution to the Synod and wider church in a number of roles spanning 15 years.

Mark said Sharon had made an enormous contribution to the Synod and would be greatly missed. She had shown outstanding leadership in all of the roles she had undertaken.

“Your natural leadership qualities are also recognised informally across the church in ways that emphasise that leadership in any forum you are a part of,” Mark said.

Isabel said the huge response when invitations went out to yesterday’s function was a clear indication of how highly Sharon was regarded, while Sue spoke about the outstanding work she had done as part of the Culture of Safety unit.

“We are in a much better position because Sharon has been a part of that unit,” Sue said.

And while the tributes flowed for Sharon, she paid tribute to the Synod and what it had given her.

“It’s been an enormous privilege to have been called into the ministries that I have been,” Sharon said.

“I have felt each time that I have never been up to the task and I have been grateful to the Synod for taking a punt on me.

“I certainly leave here a richer, better and a more faithful person and I am so grateful.”









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