Christmas quiz – stocking up on festive season facts

Why are there traditionally three wise men? Where does St Nicholas come from? Test out your knowledge with our special Christmas quiz.

  1. Which archangel announced the incarnation to Mary?
  2. According to Luke who were the first to hear of the birth of Jesus?
  3. Messiah is an oratorio often sung around Christmas time. Who was the composer?
  4. Matthew’s gospel does not state how many wise men visited the infant Jesus. Why do we assume there were three?
  5. What natural disaster struck Darwin at Christmas 1974?
  6. What is the Jewish festival that most closely coincides with the Christian festivals of Advent and Christmastide?
  7. According to Matthew, what does ‘Emmanuel’ mean?
  8. St Nicholas, associated with Christmas customs, was bishop of which town?
  9. What product advertisements brought the red clad white bearded image of Santa Claus to popularity in America?
  10. Who introduced the Christmas tree tradition to Britain?
  11. What is the processional carol that traditionally begins the Christmas Eve service at King’s College, Cambridge?
  12. Who was the father of John the baptizer?
  13. What is the festival that concludes the twelve days of Christmas?
  14. The Christmas carol, Silent Night was written when a parish organ broke down. What instrument first accompanied the carol?
  15. In some Church traditions the liturgical colour of the candle and vestments on the third Sunday of advent changes from purple to what?
  16. When Herod decreed the slaughter of infants in Bethlehem in what country did the Holy Family seek asylum?
  17. Who wrote the collection of Australian Christmas carols that includes the opening line: ‘The north wind is tossing the leaves’?
  18. Which Duke of Normandy was crowned king of England on Christmas Day?
  19. By what name do English speakers know the sixteenth century carol, Adeste Fideles?
  20. According to Dr Seuss, who stole Christmas?



  1. Gabriel 2. Shepherds 3. G F Handel 4. Three gifts are mentioned 5. Cyclone Tracy 6. Hanukkah 7. “God with us” 8. Myra (in modern Turkey) 9. Coca Cola 10. Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria 11. Once, in Royal David’s City 12. Zechariah 13. Epiphany 14. Guitar 15. Pink or rose 16. Egypt 17. William James 18. William the Conqueror 19. O come all ye faithful 20. The Grinch
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