UCA minister arrested at Adani coal mine blockade

Alex Sangster (left) with other members of the Adani protest group.

Fairfield Uniting Church minister Rev Alex Sangster was one of six people arrested on 5 September at a blockade by religious environmental activists at the proposed Adani coal mine in Central Queensland.

Alex was one of three religious leaders arrested, along with three lay people, when they refused a “move on” order by police while holding a religious ritual of prayer and song in the direct route of Adani contractors, preventing them from entering the workers’ camp.

After being forcibly moved, the activists were released without charge.

The group called on Adani Group founder and chairman Gautam Adani to stop work on the giant coal project, which was approved earlier this year by the Queensland Government.

“Today, we wrote to Mr Adani and asked him to walk away from this mine,” Alex said.

“We asked him to invest in Central Queensland by backing solar and wind instead. People need jobs, but this mine is not the answer. It will do so much damage to our water and, ultimately, the Great Barrier Reef and the climate.

“Just as importantly, the Wangan and Jagalingou Family Council have made it clear that this place is sacred to them and we are here today to support them in protecting their ancestral home.”

Ordained Buddhist monks Dharmacari Tejopala and Dharmacari Aryadharma and lay Christians Mark Delaney, James Thom and Angela Merriam were also among those arrested, while six other Christians took part in the blockade.

Alex said civil resistance was something faith-based movements were called to and encouraged others to engage in similar non-violent protest to stop climate change.

“Today we’re calling on people of all faiths to come here do the same thing,” she said.

“Our children and grandchildren will be grateful that there were people of faith who had the courage to take this form of action to resist the particular evil we face today.”

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3 Responses to “UCA minister arrested at Adani coal mine blockade”

  1. I have heard a wonderful saying
    Xanana Gusmao of E .Timor said” To resist is to win” Think Gandhi, Think Nelson Mandela .
    I am thinking of all the activists throughout time who have put themselves on the line to make the world a better place
    and those who have managed to save the natural
    beauty of the planet and waters. What’s incredible at this time is that we have knowledge of scientists
    to warn us of Global Warming and its dangers . And there’s a self destructive streak we must struggle against
    You are in great company with the activists .Wishing you all well and gratitude
    Thankyou !!!

  2. Marlene

    Well done and well said. Thank u all for standing up for right way not Adani greedy money way. Xox marlene.