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Crosslight has a new size, new look and new features. And proving the adage “nice things come in small packages” is true, the 40-page A4-sized magazine has been enthusiastically received.

“Just letting you know, I LOVE the new layout of Crosslight,” says Jean Dunstan, of Casterton.

“I just had a read of the new-look Crosslight and I think it’s great. It has more depth and feels more contemporary and more professional,” says Rev Ray Gorman, of Sunshine Uniting Church.

“Congratulations on a wonderful new magazine. In the past I have merely glanced through, but this issue compelled me to read each article,” says John Hennekam, of Mount Martha.

“Congratulations – the new Crosslight is a great improvement on the old one. It is much more attractive and inviting,” says Keith Tupper, of Rosanna Uniting Church.

Crosslight editor Stephen Acott said the new format reflected the Church’s mission to be a modern, progressive, inclusive organisation.

“We hope to capture and engage with a wider, more diverse, audience than the newspaper version was able to reach,” he said.

“We aim to be vibrant, informative and easy to read. I hope our stories enlighten, appeal and sometimes challenge our readers. But, above all, we want to inform and engage them.

“Judging by the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve already received, we are on the right track.”


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