The Little Things

margaret gambold

Artwork by Margaret Gambold.

Margaret Gambold

It’s the little things that matter in this lifetime that we lead.
It’s the noticing of others in their desperate hours of need.
It’s the hesitating wisely if we’re getting in the way,
but soothing with a contact when their lives have gone astray.

It’s the little things that matter when we find someone afraid.
A smile or kindly greeting may just brighten up their day.
It’s the meeting them with caring and a little bit of sun,
when the day is at its darkest and their instinct is to run.

It’s the little things that matter, things we normally might doubt,
at the  unexpected moments, when there’s no-one else about.
It’s the sharing, loving kindnesses that make a rough road smooth
It’s our willingness to listen, offering deeds and words to soothe.

It’s the little things that matter in our hearts and in our minds,
when we hear but  p’raps don’t listen to the troubles others find.
It’s when time and stillness matter in the midst of life’s full days,
when we need to turn and walk a step in someone else’s pain.

It’s the things that alter patterns on this troubled mortal plain
when plans are naught and what we thought  are not our lot today.
All the detours down new pathways that we didn’t plan to see
as the little things like caring change our lives and who we’ll be.

It’s God’s plan for us to care about the  little things He sends,
to test our understandings, and  to use the gifts He lends.
We are workers in His Kingdom and we have a task so large
to care about the little things,  this special job our charge.

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