Acting on child safety


If a child or young person told you they were being abused, would you know what to do?

National Child Protection Week, held from 2 to 7 September, is a reminder of how important it is to remain vigilant and informed about child safety.

The synod is committed to building a robust culture of child safety in all parts of our Church to ensure they reflect the best practice for care, service and support of children.

A culture of safety underpins everything we do. All Uniting Church members within the synod need to play their part to make our Church, agencies and schools the safest they can be for children in our care.

This means continuing to participate in Safe Church Training and educating our communities about the steps they can take to prevent the abuse of children and vulnerable persons.

There are a number of actions your congregation can take during National Child Protection Week:

  • Have a conversation with your church council about the importance of Safe Church Training. The training explains how and when to report any suspected or actual incidents of child abuse, in accordance with all Safe Church guidelines and community obligations.
  • Familiarise yourself with the synod’s Keeping Children Safe policy.
  • Take a look around your church buildings – is the Keeping Children Safe policy information clearly displayed?
  • Do you have a Culture of Safety contact person?
  • Pray for children at risk of harm during your services.
  • Promote the Keeping Children Safe policy, Safe Church Training and our screening obligations as meaningful ways to protect children from harm.

Visit the synod’s Keeping Children Safe website to find all the information and support you need to promote child safety in your faith community.

The National Child Protection Week website is also packed with resources and suggestions for promoting child safety more widely.

If you have any questions or concerns contact Safe Church Educator Josh Tuhipa-Turner at or on (03) 9251 5288.




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