Robyn Whitaker named as top thinker

robyn whitakerUniting Church minister Rev Dr Robyn Whitaker has been named one of Australia’s top thinkers by The Conversation Australia.

For the second consecutive year, Dr Whitaker will be included in The Conversation Yearbook 2018: 50 standout articles from Australia’s top thinkers.

The Conversation is an independent online news publication that sources stories from the academic and research community.

Since contributing her first article to The Conversation in June 2017, Dr Whitaker has amassed more than 1.5 million views.

In July, Dr Whitaker commenced as coordinator of studies – New Testament at Pilgrim Theological College.

Dr Whitaker’s writings have covered a broad range of topics, including same-sex marriage, voluntary assisted dying, gender and biblical history.

Her essay Jesus wasn’t white: he was a brown skinned, Middle-Eastern Jew, will be included in The Conversation Yearbook 2018. 

In an interview with Crosslight, Dr Whitaker spoke about her vocation as a biblical scholar and teacher.

“Reading and interpreting the Bible is absolutely central to the Christian life,” she said.

“So to be involved in helping people develop the tools and skill to do that is an enormous privilege, and central to my calling.

“One of my guiding principles in the classroom is that context is everything.

“The language changes; we can’t just simply look at one word from 2000 years ago and think it means exactly the same thing that we mean when we use that word today.”





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