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Review by Tyson and Evie Robinson

Book | Mystic Bible | Alexandra Sangster

Tyson (aged 13): Mystic Bible, by Alexandra Sangster, is a children’s book about the story of Jesus.

I got to experience this book firsthand and I am impressed. I was wowed at the beautiful drawings and found it really easy to understand thanks to the wording.

Learning about the story of Jesus through this book was a valuable experience for me.

The story goes through the birth and death of Jesus, from the shed at the back of the inn where he was born, to the crucifix on which he died.

It also covered other people’s stories such as Mary’s and John the Baptist’s.

The use of different fonts for different words was pretty creative and the size of the words being differentiated according to the importance of the sentence was also pretty neat.

In short, Mystic Bible is a fantastic book for those who want to teach their kids about Jesus or need to catch up themselves. I give this book six out of five stars!


EVIE (aged nine): The moment I read the first sentence I was hooked.

I am in love with the illustrations. It was very beautiful.

I liked how it went from before Jesus was born to after he died.

Also I liked how the author used words from God and how it asked personal questions of the readers.

I loved how the story of Jesus was covered in great detail but I’d like to hear more of Mary’s story.

It was good how sometimes the words were big and sometimes they were small. Also I loved how it was easy to understand but was pretty long, so there is more to read about.

If I could pick out any book from a bookstore, I would definitely buy this and read it to my kids. I would rate this 1000 out of 10 stars.

Alexandra Sangster is minister at Fairfax Uniting Church. Mystic Bible is a progressive telling of the Gospel stories.

Available from RRP: $25

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