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finding faithReview by Belinda Clear

Album | Finding Faith | Andrew Tierney and Timothy Dunfield

This contemporary Christian album features songs written by Andrew Tierney of Human Nature fame and Timothy Dunfield, a worship pastor from Canada.

It is an album that will appeal to those familiar with contemporary Christian music and those who are just beginning to engage with this style. The album is suitable for listeners at any stage in their faith journey.

Finding Faith contains a good variety of original songs, ranging from quite boppy to a more gospel style that are very easy to listen to. There is a definite hint of ‘Human Nature’ style throughout the album. The theme of each song centres around the love  you gain when you find faith.

The songs are easy to learn and I found myself singing along, a mark of an album I will listen to again. As well as being an album you can listen to in the car, songs from Finding Faith would be ideal as reflective pieces during worship.

As with most contemporary Christian music, the language is individualistic, however I found the themes engaging. I particularly enjoyed If I Ever Needed Someone, Bring Down the Heavens, Overflow and Great Day.

These songs remind me of the constant reliance we have on God and that God is with us throughout our lives; as well as God’s hope of absolute love for the world that each of us has a part in.

At times, the theological perspective is a bit conservative; a couple of songs contain themes of sacrificial atonement, an interventionist God and gendered language for God. But, overall, mine was a positive response to the album.

Finding Faith is available from Sony Music, RRP $9.95


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