Messy and embodied

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What a joy to sit in on a presbytery meeting!
No joke —- it was a strong time of realistic discerning!

Listening to those
seeking to be accepted as Candidates for Specified Ministries
in the Uniting Church was an event of joy exhilaration
AND the pushing of boundaries —- my boundaries!

Here is the Uniting Church remaking itself!

Diversity and broadness of experience.
People open to the flexibility and opportunity
the Uniting Church is able to offer.

One of our candidate hopefuls
summed it up well.

Testing the call of God
is a messy and embodied business!

For that matter
so is being a follower of Jesus
in a crazy mixed up culture like ours.
Messy and embodied! —- Delightful!

i am one who has been concened for some time
at what i see to be the creeping conservatism
of the Uniting Church.

Perhaps after this morning i need to revise
my way of seeing things!


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