Who do you think you are – An Ode for Mother’s Day


Art by Margaret Gambold.

I’m a Mother, I’m a lover, I’m a keeper of the song.

I’m a dreamer and a thinker and I know where I belong.

I’m the centre of a family,

I’m the best that I can give.

I’m the one that gives the life from where the rest of it begins.


I must never lose the image or the meaning of the word.

I must never be afraid to give what everyone deserves.

I’m a Mother first and always,

I can never lose that role.

I’m the one who quietly listens when the anger starts to roll.


I am here and never falter for the children I have born.

I’m a caring loving parent and will always give may all.

I will love in spite of sadness,

I will love in spite of tears,

I will never waive my caring, never changing through the years.


I’m a Mother, I am precious and I don’t need you to see

that I’m also often lonely when my loved ones I don’t see.

But I’m Mother first and foremost

I am Mother I can strive

Even when there’s no-one close to hug, my tears I’ll always hide.


I am Mother, I am lover, I am weak but I am strong.

My Mother love will follow where my heart always abides.

In the centre of a family

In the close heart of my soul,

I am Mother, I am loving, I am keeper of the song.


Words and art by Margaret Gambold

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