Yeast in the dough

bread and wine

(A Pentecostal Imperitive)

Welcome compatriots ALL
to the ambivalent-joy
of being a bubbling-fermenting
opening-up presence
for the whole of life
and human-civilizations

Come fly-wild on the wings
of our frenetically-in-action planet.
Come fungal-spores of distinction
minutely-growing furtively
within the intimacy of overlooked places.

Come be the ones
who put the bite-and-sparkle
and piquant-taste
into beer — into wine — into whiskey
into cheese — into bread

Become to the Jesus-Story
and to the World-Story
an irrepressible berserker-wildness
a coming of another Pentecost
Dangerous and uncontrollable!

Come and be that yeast-in-the-dough.
Part of that making “all-things-new”.
Be that sublime subverting influence
working patiently from the inside
working inextinguishably below the horizon

Come seek to give again
bite and bubble to the strong-Story
of this uncontainable
Palestinian Bush-Builder!

John Cranmer

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