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at work with john's gospelBook | At Work with John’s Gospel | John Bottomley

Review by Tim Lam

In At Work with John’s Gospel, Rev John Bottomley has compiled five bible studies that explore the way God impacts our daily work.

Bottomley is a member of the Creative Ministers Network congregation, which gather bi-monthly in members’ homes or at weekend retreats and focuses on mission to work.

Drawing on passages from the Gospel of John, the book invites readers to reflect on work-related harm that is often hidden by society’s preoccupation with economic growth and the relentless pursuit of wealth. Bottomley encourages readers to rethink work beyond a market economy approach.

At Work with John’s Gospel is designed for church members searching for a spirituality that integrates work with faith. Borrowing from the tradition of Ignatian contemplative prayer, each Bible study asks readers to walk in the shoes of a character from the Gospel of John.

The Gospel stories presented in this short book capture the various ways God is present in the workplace and through unpaid labour at home.

In the story of the Wedding at Cana, the reader is invited to recognise the transformative power of God. In the story of Lazarus rising from the dead, they are encouraged to identify the ‘deadness’ in their working lives.

Each study concludes with a short prayer and a suggested ritual.

At Work with John’s Gospel is a valuable resource for people seeking healing from injustices they have experienced at work.

It is an ideal book for congregations, Bible study groups and individuals longing to find fullness not just in the workplace, but also in their daily lives.

At Work with John’s Gospel is available from Coventry Press www.coventrypress.com.au RRP: $15

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