Prayer for Melbourne

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Synod of Victoria and Tasmania Moderator Sharon Hollis has offered the following prayer in the wake of Thursday’s deliberate running down of pedestrians in Melbourne’s CBD.

Loving, merciful God

You come amongst us as a fragile baby,

healing the grief and sorrow of the world

through your loving suffering solidarity with humanity.

We pray for the city of Melbourne.

In this season of festivity

our joy has been ruptured by violence.

We pray for those who are fighting for their lives,

may they be sustained by your abiding presence

We pray for those who witnessed the attack,

may they be healed by your loving kindness.

We pray for those who responded to the incident,

may they find assurance in your

Be with each of us.

Bind up our broken hearts

and open us to each other

that we may support and care for each other.



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