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Perhaps it’s wrong to write about worship beyond the context of God in a church publication, but for those of us lucky enough to witness Sir Paul McCartney last night at Melbourne’s AAMI Park, we bowed before greatness.

We also experienced a sense of community and shared excitement as we sang along with a Beatle, yes a real Beatle. We were in the presence of a man whose songs are part of our DNA, and as Hey Jude, Yesterday, and Sergeant Pepper belted into the open sky, the audience sang as one.

Paul McCartney is 75 years old and stayed on stage for close to three hours without an interval. His voice remains powerful and he can rock like he’s 21.

The production contained delicate balance, ranging from tributes to John Lennon and George Harrison, to wistful very personal songs of love to dance numbers that had you rocking on the spot. There was the sound of over 25,000 of us begging to Give Peace A Chance and then the blaze of fireworks into Melbourne’s dark as Live and Let Die thundered to its finale.

But of course, the highlight was the generous number of Beatles’ songs that McCartney performed. It was a reminder of the vast and successful output of the Fab Four that will always define the music of that period. The songs are as catchy now as when we first witnessed the band singing them on black-and-white TV with their daring ‘long’ hair.

Thanks for dropping by Paul. You’re an inspiration, not just for your music but because you reminded us all that heading into senior years doesn’t have to stop us doing what we love. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


(image: Karen Freedman/Twitter)

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