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on the third dayReview by ROSLYN DENT

Book | On the Third Day, Re-Looking at the Resurrection | John Queripel

JOHN Queripel suggests ways to look at the biblical account of Jesus’ resurrection with fresh eyes; he has us as the reader journey with him.

His writing style is relatively informal and inclusive; he engages with the reader at a personal level.

Before attending to the primary source – the Bible – the author starts his investigation with the “dying and rising gods of antiquity” – thus in Chapter 1 our journey begins.

The Biblical references throughout On The Third Day are numerous. Queripel provides detailed reference points to the primary source; it encourages the reader to look at the original source and draw our own conclusions.

There are good explanations of current theological ways of discussing issues; learning happens. Worthwhile references to secondary sources are included to examine others’ viewpoints and arguments.

Queripel blatantly challenges some viewpoints with cogent arguments. He provides evidence to dismiss the psychiatric explanation that the resurrection was a mass-psychosis/wish.

Another valuable exposition is the the central role of women within the patriarchal tradition. Queripel emphasises that the women’s testimony is at the very core of the resurrection witness.

As the author leads us into the actuality of Jesus’ resurrection, close attention is paid to the five different resurrection accounts found in Acts, Mark, Matthew, Luke and John. There are signs serving to point to much deeper realities.

In the postscript, Queripel outlines some of his personal viewpoints and how his thesis pertains to the current epoch.

Queripel asks us to move past our pre-conceived ideas to open our minds and hearts to the sheer profundity of the Resurrection. His thesis is reiterated; it is in the incredible transformative power of the Resurrection that the strongest evidence can be found.

It is the magnitude of that change which “transforms these understandably fearful followers of Jesus… into fearless proclaimers”, this transformation of lives, this existential change now, throughout history and at the actual historical time is the proof.

A good read and a good book to revisit time and time again.

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