Dear the people that came to Synod,

synod messagesI hope you have a nice meeting and you will make the right decision. Hope you don’t fight. Claire, Yr 2

I hope your meeting is fair, nice, happy and you are kind. I hope that if you don’t agree on what they said please do not shout at them and forgive what they said and say, “I don’t agree.” in a nice voice. Millie.W, Yr 2

I hope your meeting goes well and that you all leave friends. Good luck. Oliver, Yr 4

Better Together. Emily, Yr 4

Good Luck. From Abigail Case, Yr 4

Good luck in your Synod Meeting. From Maddie, Yr 4

I hope you make good decisions in your meeting. Geordi William Mitchel, Yr 4

This is from Year 4 Scots School Albury. Sorry the drawing is bad because my friend wrecked it. I hope your side wins! From Batman

I wish you great luck with your meeting on Friday.  Sam, Yr 4

We all say Good Luck! Annabel, Yr 4

I hope you have a good meeting.  Arifa.

I hope that you have a nice meeting. Hopefully you end up being friends in the end. Samer, Yr 2

Have a great time I hope it’s all fair and you all respect each others ideas. Ella

I hope your meeting goes well and that you all leave friends.  Good luck. Oliver, Yr 4

The year 4’s at The Scots School hope you have good luck at your meeting. From Yr 4 Scots School Albury

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