Local faith communities call for climate action

Rev. Denise Liersch, Ken Turner, Jeff Randles, Michael Sukkar, Cath James, Matthew Maury

Rev. Denise Liersch, Ken Turner, Jeff Randles, Michael Sukkar, Cath James, Matthew Maury

Hundreds of residents in the electorate of Deakin have signed a petition calling for stronger action on climate change.

On Tuesday, people from local Uniting Churches and other community representatives presented the petition in person to Member for Deakin, Michael Sukkar.

The Deakin petition is one of many ‘Community Climate Petitions’ being presented simultaneously in almost 100 federal electorates across Australia.

Rev Denise Liersch, from The Avenue Uniting Church in Blackburn, said she’s proud to be part of the largest multi-electorate climate petition in Australia’s history.

“My faith calls me to be concerned about climate change and the unfair impact it’s having on people in our community,” Ms Liersch said.

The petition calls on Mr Sukkar and other elected representatives to support stronger action on climate change, with a particular focus on protecting the most vulnerable communities.

More specifically petitioners are calling for deeper and more urgent reductions to Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, a faster transition to a clean energy economy and greater assistance for vulnerable nations grappling with the impacts of climate change.

“We feel strongly that in our local community there is substantial support for more urgent action to reduce our greenhouse emissions,” Ken Turner, who has been a resident of Forest Hill for 26 years, said.

“It’s about creating a better future for everyone.”

The Australia-wide Community Climate Petitions are supported by a coalition of faith-based organisations including the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change, Caritas Australia, Catholic Earthcare, Common Grace, Edmund Rice Centre, Pacific Calling Partnership, TEAR Australia and the Uniting Church in Australia.

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