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The Grey Nomad phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down as Baby Boomers retire from the workforce but still feel fit and active enough to travel around Australia for extended periods of time staying in their caravans or campervans.

For Christians, called to be a pilgrim people, it is fitting that they would view this time on the road as an opportunity for discipleship.

Earlier this year Interdenominational agency Christian Ministry Advancement launched the Q4Connection to assist those in the fourth quarter of life (hence Q4) find ways to do mission and ministry work.

“At Q4Connection, we want to challenge the idea that retirement is only a time to bask in the rewards and fruit of a lifetime of hard work,” the initiative’s website reads.

“We believe that all the experiences, resources, connections and wisdom accumulated during your first three-quarters are too precious to waste!”

For a $100 annual fee Q4 Connection will provide information, inspiration, networking and coaching to assist retirees following the call of Christ.

As an important source of inspiration and information, Q4 Connection is collecting stories of the different ways people have found to serve Christ and the church in retirement.

“We’re collecting a whole lot of stories, so we have almost 100 stories now of people in what we’re calling their ‘fourth quarter’,” Q4 Connection leader Paul Arnott told Eternity magazine.

“The vast majority of them are saying, ‘yes, we’ll go for a cruise in Europe or we’ll do the Grey Nomad thing, but as followers of Jesus, there’s so much more.’

The Bush Church Aid “Nomads” scheme, which is affiliated with the Anglican church, also helps retired travellers continue to serve Christ specifically in rural and regional areas.

It maintains a spreadsheet of locations indexed by work needing to be so Grey Nomads can offer their skills to bush congregations and also enjoy some country fellowship.

“Become a BCA Nomad and with the support of your Minister, you can offer your skills and your fellowship to BCA staff for as much or as little time as you choose,” the organisations brochure reads.

“In return you’ll have the satisfaction of supporting the work of the Gospel and the opportunity to experience a little of life in these remote areas.”

Nomads Coordinator Doug Orr told Eternity magazine that around 15 couples annually join the over 500 people already on their books and the group was keep to attract younger retirees.

Those who sign up matched to the needs of churches in about 80 locations. with the most common task being property management.

If you feel the call to be a Grey Nomad serving Christ then Crosslight can help you get or stay on the road with free tickets to the National 4×4 Outdoors Show, Fishing & Boating Expo being held at Melbourne Showgrounds from 18 to 20 August.

The expo showcases outdoor and travel- related products from over 200 exhibitors and retailers.

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We would also welcome any stories about your experiences of being a Grey Nomad following the call of the Christ.

Image: Grey Nomads/Facebook

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