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Penny Mulvey learnt a thing or two about mobile phones on her latest trip to a rural presbytery. The director of communications for the synod decided it was time to “practice what we preach” as she valiantly took on the task of producing short video stories to document her trip.

“For the past few months we have been asking congregations to send in videos taken on their mobile phones depicting life in their congregations. These will be shown at the Synod meeting in September,” Ms Mulvey said.

“I thought perhaps it was time for me to give it a go, and I must admit it presented a bit of a challenge at first.”

Despite a background in television and radio, Ms Mulvey found framing a shot, recording action and asking questions (all at the same time) was actually as difficult as it sounds.

“I quickly realised that a bit of planning goes a long way,” she said.

“Luckily, I had a mobile tripod and a lapel mic. I found that filming ‘action’ shots, then conducting an interview was the easiest way to get a material we could use.”

“This can then be edited back at the office as a short video with a voice-over.”

Ms Mulvey said it was lovely to be out and about for a few days meeting such a diverse range of people. She visited Warrnambool, Hamilton and Horsham, participating in a community lunch at Warrnambool UCA; met the volunteers who pack the hampers for the Second Bite food delivery service at Hamilton UCA and caught up with Uniting Wimmera staff at Horsham. The trip highlighted the incredible programs and initiatives happening throughout the state.

The CoMS unit has been impressed with the videos that have been sent in so far. While they depict the variety of church life throughout the synod, they also highlight a common theme – the commitment of church members to live out their faith.

If people are a bit unsure about producing a video, Ms Mulvey said it helps to have a few practice runs and then put something together. And she wants to remind budding Spielbergs that help is always at hand.

“We have a list of handy hints and we encourage people to contact us here if they have any questions,” she said.

“Once we have something in our office it will be edited, so you are not expected to send through a perfect video. Our job is to polish it ready for viewing.”

For hints on mobile videoing go to:

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