Cake and candles for 200 years

bible society celebrations
Victoria’s Parliament House was presented with a Contemporary English Version (CEV) Bible at a special event to mark the 200th anniversary of the Bible Society on Wednesday.

Dr Greg Clarke, CEO of the Bible Society, presented the gift to the Hon Bruce Atkinson, President of the Legislative Council. Dr Clarke said it represented the ongoing relevance of the word of God to the people of Victoria.

Mr Atkinson congratulated the Bible Society on a most remarkable milestone from an institution – two centuries of service not only to Australia but the whole world.

“Thank you on behalf of all parliamentarians and staff who work here for the gift of this Bible which helps us to make better decisions,” Mr Atkinson said.

“In this place we have built an entire framework of laws that try to express the values of this important book.”

bible society cake

One hundred people, representing different denominations and Christian organisations, enjoyed a High Tea in Queens Hall to mark the 200th birthday of the oldest company in Australia.

Dr Clarke said the Bible Society beat one of our banks by one month for that remarkable honour, mentioning that the directors of the bank were also directors of the Bible Society.

He quoted from a notice in the Sydney Gazette in 1817, which spoke of the Bible Society as having a humane intention and bringing inestimable benefits.

Dr Clarke reminded guests that the Bible is a public document and has had significant influence into the life of this nation.

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