Overnight the First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at a New Hampshire event in support of Hilary Clinton.

Repeatedly Obama referred to Donald Trump solely as ‘the Opponent’ and stated that the role of President requires a candidate who can observe ‘basic decency’.

It is a powerful speech. Obama commands the room with her direct language and emotion. She describes how Trump’s predatory and sexual abusive behaviour – that is, his own descriptions of same, leaving aside the growing number of reports that continue to emerge – have shaken her.

Obama’s speech describes not only the shock she felt at the words of ‘the Opponent’, but how indicative they are of what she feels is a time receding into the past, where sexual harassment in the street or workplace was seen as normal.

“Too many are treating this as just another day’s headline, as if our outrage is overblown or unwarranted, as if this is normal, just politics as usual.

“But, New Hampshire, be clear:  This is not normal.”

Further drilling down on the uglier side of this election, Fox News broadcaster Lou Dobbs released the phone number and address of a woman who had come forward with her own story of being assaulted by Trump. This took place just two hours before Michelle Obama began her speech.

This election has transcended a battle for the Presidency between Republicans and Democrats, and is now magnifying the experience of women in the world.

On this week’s Friday Forum: which is more shocking? What we have learned about Donald Trump’s views on women, or that concerns surrounding his comments can be so easily dismissed as ‘locker room talk’?

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