Be of service to seniors

agewell sunday resourceSeniors Week, celebrated on 2-9 October in Victoria and 10-16 October in Tasmania, is a time to recognise the contributions the elderly have made to the Church and wider community.

Uniting AgeWell has developed a Sunday Worship Resource guide to help congregations prepare for Seniors Week celebrations.

It contains sample services, recommended scriptures and prayers that can be adapted to suit individual congregations. The resource also includes hymns about companionship and hope, including a seniors’ version of Jesus Loves Me.

Ministers can draw inspiration from the sermons in the guide, which explores ageing from a biblical perspective. At the end of each reading are discussion questions that focus on topics such as death, grief, suffering and finding comfort in the steadfast love of God.

Seniors Week aims to stimulate conversations about how congregations can offer ‘senior-friendly’ services that meet the spiritual needs of the elderly.
With more seniors staying in their own homes for longer, this presents an opportunity for local congregations to offer pastoral care for their elderly members. Problems such as mobility, hearing and sight loss can make it difficult for some seniors to attend church.

Congregations can bring portable communion kits to the homes of seniors, print sermons in large font, or record church services.

For more ideas and inspiration, download the full AgeWell Sunday Worship Resource Guide at

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