Indigenous dads fight stereotypes

indigenous dadsIndigenous Australians have responded to a controversial cartoon in The Australian by proudly sharing stories and photos of their fathers on Twitter.

The illustration by cartoonist Bill Leak depicted a police officer handing an Indigenous child over to his father. The father is shown holding a beer can and is unable to remember his son’s name.

The cartoon was published on Aboriginal and Islander Children’s Day, which traditionally celebrates the strength and resilience of Indigenous children and their families. It was widely condemned for its seemingly racist portrayal of Indigenous Australians, with many questioning how such an offensive cartoon can be published in a mainstream Australian newspaper.

Indigenous Australians turned to social media to combat the racist stereotypes depicted in the cartoon. Twitter was flooded with tributes to Indigenous fathers, accompanied by the #IndigeniousDads hashtag. It included photos of fathers reading stories to their children, teaching them how to cook and attending their graduations.

The tweets were a powerful rejection of racism and an uplifting celebration of Indigenous love and pride.

The images showcase the diversity of Indigenous Australians not usually seen in mainstream media. They are teachers, soldiers, fishermen, Olympians, diplomats, coaches, performers and social justice advocates.

Indigenous fathers also shared images of themselves with their children to share their perspective on parenthood.

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