Something good

(Chaplain – Aitken College)

One cold morning last term, I arrived at my door keen to get out of the weather, when Elizabeth (a year 4 student) ran up to me and said “Rev, I have written a poem about Jesus!” She was so excited. I asked her to tell me her poem, and she recited it off the top of her head.

I told her that her poem was amazing and asked her if she could type it up and send it to me. I received a beautiful smile which reflected her joy of being affirmed. She skipped away, and my heart was lightened by this encounter of dual blessing. As I climbed the stairs to my office I thanked God for the gift of such precious children.

Before the day was out, this arrived in my inbox:

Jesus Christ

Something beautiful Something Good
Something Christ understood
All I need is love not strife
So I can have a beautiful life.

Warm Regards
Elizabeth Rimy

We are in a climate where I often hear doom and gloom about how the church is dying, but let me tell you, if we keep sharing the love of God to those around us, it comes back twofold!

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