Moderator blesses new Uniting AgeWell facilities

agewell manor lakes opening

The new 33-bed Chandler Wing at Manor Lakes was officially opened on Tuesday by Rev Sharon Hollis, moderator of the Synod of Victoria and Tasmania.

More than 60 guests, including members of the Uniting AgeWell (UA) Board, Wyndham City councillors and residents’ families attended the opening where Ms Hollis blessed the site and unveiled a commemorative plaque with Manor Lakes resident, John Davies.

UA executive director and chief executive officer Valerie Lyons said the opening of the Chandler Wing was an important milestone for Manor Lakes and the Wyndham Vale community.

“Special thanks to the committee, staff, volunteers and residents for assisting and making the redevelopment process as smooth as possible,” she said.

UA board chair Allan Thompson said the new wing and redevelopment of Manor Lakes, which includes a community café, was part of the organisation’s vision to provide high quality services for seniors in Victoria and Tasmania.

“As an expression of the Church at work, we have a responsibility to meet the needs of our seniors and ensure all people can live to their potential,” he said.

City of Wyndham councillor Heather Marcus said the area was one of the fastest growing municipalities in Australia with a new train line and many new housing estates.

“Many young families are moving to the area and as a result good quality aged care facilities are required for senior citizens to remain close to their loved ones,” she said.

“Manor Lakes is definitely one of the most modern aged care facilities in the area.

“It’s absolutely beautiful.”

Guests were treated to tours of the new wing and refreshments by the magnificent hotel services team at Manor Lakes.

Blessing for the Chandler Wing opening, Manor Lakes Uniting Agewell


God of homecoming and homemaking
you choose to make yourself known
by living amongst us in Jesus Christ
& through the Spirit
you invite us to make our home in you.

We bless you for the Wurundjeri
the First Peoples, who made their here,
caring for country & nurturing community.

Bless all who live here
that they might find
shelter, home & belonging.

Bless all who work here
that they might help create
a community of compassion
& find fulfilment in their work

Bless all who volunteer here,
that they might nourish connection
and find satisfaction in service.

Bless all who visit here
that they might bring with them
love, laughter & joy
and find love returned to them

Bless this building
that all who cross its threshold
might know love, grace & peace. Amen

Sharon Hollis
28 June 2016

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