Learning from students

learning from studentsWhat does a group of middle aged and older people and a gang of grade 6 students have in common? At Darebin, it’s a love of their iPads.

Students from Preston West Primary School have been trekking up the road to Darebin North West Uniting Church to help some older residents to learn how to use their  iPads.

The pilot project is a joint initiative of the church and The Brotherhood of St Laurence. It follows world-wide trends to draw on the expertise of students to assist older people with technology.

Darebin North West Uniting Church minister Rev Leonie Purcival co-ordinates the program.

“I love the energy the kids bring to the group and I am astonished with the patience and commitment they show as teachers,” Ms Purcival said .

“At the same time, the kindness and tolerance of the older people towards the students has created a lovely learning environment. Throw in a hearty morning tea and everyone is smiling.”

Mark Ross, a teacher at Preston West Primary School, described the pilot as a ‘win/win’ for everyone involved.  He said the students are learning important lessons as they teach, such as the rewards of community service.

Michael Hillier, from the Brotherhood of St Laurence, described the project as “the kind of fun community development project that the Brotherhood loves”.

The current six-week course has concentrated on creating visual histories of key events in the lives of the older people. Courses later this year will focus on curating music and movie collections, and an ‘Icoffee Icake’ trouble shooting round table.

For more information contact Rev Leonie Purcival P: 9471-3265  E: dnwuniting@gmail.com

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