Dick Carter AM steps down

dick carterDick Carter retired as the chair of UCA Funds Management last month after reaching the statutory board membership maximum of 10 years.

During that time he guided Funds Management through the turbulent 2008-2009 Global Financial Crisis – when the Australian Stock Exchange fell 54 per cent in 16 months – to a healthy position, with funds under management currently close to $1 billion.

Mr Carter explained that makes Funds Management “big enough to be noticeable” within the industry.

In a Minute of Appreciation at last month’s Synod meeting Michael Walsh, executive director of Funds Management, praised Mr Carter’s contribution to the organisation. He described him as the man who had genuinely impressed him the most throughout his career.

Mr Walsh made particular reference to Mr Carter’s generosity, faith and passion.

General secretary Rev Dr Mark Lawrence said Mr Carter had a deep knowledge of Funds Management and was committed to being an effective steward of the Church’s resources.

Mr Carter said leading Funds Management had been a fulfilling and satisfying experience. As a result of stepping down from the Funds Management position, he has also relinquished his role on the Synod Standing Committee. He said while it would be disappointing not to have seen all his work on the SSC come to fruition he believed the time was now right to handover to others.

“When you give up things you have been doing for some time there are regrets, but I am at a stage in my life when I know there will be others to carry on.”

Mr Carter will continue his involvement with several organisations such as the Progressive Christian Movement of Victoria, of which he is a founding member and president.

He also plans travel with his wife Heather now that his schedule is a little freer.

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