Discussing the budget

In May, UCA Funds Management engaged with not-for-profits (NFPs) in what was a tough month for many in the sector. Policy changes, such as an interest rate cut from the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and a relatively unfriendly federal budget, present significant financial challenges.

To address these issues, UCA Funds Management hosted two discussion events: a NFP post-budget breakfast seminar on 17 May and a webinar conducted with Pro Bono Australia on 25 May.

More than 180 guests attended the breakfast seminar which focused on the budget changes and election positions that could impact the sector. The event included a keynote address from Commonwealth Bank of Australia economist, Bruno Bellon, and an expert panel of guests to discuss key issues.

The Pro Bono Australia webinar, presented by UCA Funds Management’s CEO Michael Walsh, focused on the challenges of financial sustainability for NFPs. Mr Walsh also spoke of the effects of the recent interest rate cut from the RBA, which creates even more challenges in the charitable space. With interest rates likely to be “lower for longer,” Mr Walsh said it will be harder for organisations that rely on investment income to maintain spending levels without taking on more risk.

In the hour-long webinar, which included questions and answers from more than 900 participants, Mr Walsh outlined strategies and structures organisations can consider to mitigate the effects of lower returns on cash in an uncertain funding environment. He also touched on budgetary decision and funding changes, including a $21.3 million Health Care Home trial, a $925 million saving by a continued pause on indexation of Medicare rebates, an extra $118 million for students with disabilities over the next two years, and $100 million for domestic and family violence programs.

Copies for both presentations are available on request from UCA Funds Management by calling 1800 996 888.

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