A celebration of ministry

Adrian PeglerMany people gathered at Castlemaine Uniting Church recently to celebrate 50 years since Rev Adrian Pegler was ordained as a minister of the Presbyterian and later the Uniting Church.

His time in ministry included placements at churches in Melbourne, Tongala, Yarram, Bendigo West, Romsey-Lancefield and Alexandra.

Mr Pegler recalled arriving at his first parish as a young minister and being asked “You’re tall. Are you a ruckman?”. He declined the footy offer but served the local cricket team as a slow bowler.

Since retiring from fulltime ministry in 2004, Mr Pegler has conducted occasional worship in the Castlemaine and Bendigo districts and continues a long association with the interdenominational school, Braemar College, at Woodend.

“It is important to be useful and I trust I can remain so,” he said.

Mr Pegler said he had been magnificently supported during his time in ministry by his wife, Alison.

“The underlying guide to my ministry has been to point the way to Jesus Christ as the source of inspiration for people to lead fulfilling lives.

“Sadly the church has let itself be identified far too much with negativity; the ‘thou shalt nots’.

“A negative image is the last thing we want to project to the community around us.”

Mr Pegler said he had a strong commitment to what he described as radical monotheism.

“If we believe there is but one God, the creator of all things, then there should be no enmity between religions, faiths, races and societies.

“There would be no reason for any form of terrorism and all people with wealth in abundance would be inspired to share with those in need giving everyone the chance to develop their abilities.”

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