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penny mulveyBy PENNY MULVEY

The apostle Paul, in the final chapter of his letter to the Romans, draws attention to the many people who assisted him on his journeys proclaiming Jesus Christ.

He names several women who held positions of leadership in their churches. He asks the recipients of the letter to greet Epenetus, “who was the first convert in the Province of Asia”, and Mary, “who worked very hard for you”.

Paul, in specifically referencing individual people and naming what role they fulfilled, honours others’ contributions.

The Uniting Church is built on the prayers and endeavours of generations of faithful people who have gone before. Next year marks the 40th anniversary of its formation, birthed from the rich heritage of its predecessor churches.

The Basis of Union lays out succinctly the foundations of the Church and how it will govern itself.

In 2009-10, following extensive consultations, all the Councils of the Church added an historic and ground-breaking preamble to the Constitution, recognising the First Peoples’ own encounter with God prior to the arrival of the Second Peoples.

The Uniting Church, like Paul and Christians through the centuries, is on a journey, willing to alter its path as it travels towards the promised goal.

At the June Synod meeting, the members representing the eight presbyteries will be asked to make significant decisions to enable current and future Uniting Church members respond to a changing culture and financial circumstances.

Three hundred people will come together to discern God’s mission for the Uniting Church VicTas in this, the 21st century.

For those faithful intercessors like Paul’s friend Epaphras, this is a key moment in the life of the Church, please ‘wrestle in prayer’ for those at Synod (Col 4:12).

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