Changing attitudes towards Asylum Seekers

static1.squarespace.comOurstralia, an initiative of Balmain for Refugees, has created a series of videos to spark conversation and awareness about Australia’s current treatment of asylum seekers.

The online videos are the beginning of a campaign seeking to highlight the excuses made to avoid taking responsibility around the issues of refugees and asylum seekers.

The underlying message of the humorous videos is that the more we make excuses for ignoring the cries of those in desperate need, the crueller and more punitive our policies become.

Ourstralia is hoping the videos will prompt conversation amongst the Church and broader community, with a view towards crowdfunding to have the videos shown on free-to-air television.

Want to help?

Firstly, shout it from the rooftops
Spread this message as far, and to as many people as you can. Share the videos and website ( on your social networks.

Secondly, put your hands in your pockets
Ourstralia is calling for donations to put the videos on TV and engage a much wider audience in this issue.

For further information visit the Ourstralia website or email

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