Caught in the Moment  

Screen shot from video by Karin Till

Karin Till
Walk the Talk
Screen shot from video

Caught in the Moment is the second group exhibition by the VicTas Art and Spirituality Network. Visual artists of spirit respond to the conundrum of time in a diverse range of media, from drawing and painting to textile arts and digital media. Our experience of time stretches, slackens or snaps. Some artists have captured the moment when we leap, trusting the net will appear; others consider moments when we are faced with challenging ethical choices.

The exhibition opened on 17 October at the Centre for Theology and Ministry. Caught in the Moment will travel to Warrnambool Uniting Church for exhibition from 22 January to 17 February 2016. The Warrnambool launch will be at 7pm on 21 January.

17 Oct – 10 Dec 2015
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
The Centre for Theology and Ministry
29 College Crescent, Parkville

22 Jan – 17 Feb 2016
Thursday to Friday 9am – 1pm
Warrnambool Uniting Church
115 Koroit Street, Warrnambool

Painting by Michael Donnelly

Michael Donnelly
Splash, Gardiner’s Creek 2015
Acrylic and oil on linen

Photograph by Xiaoli Yang

Xiaoli Yang
Leap of Faith

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