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amelia's amazing dreams book coverAmelia’s Amazing Dream Adventures | Book | Dianne Henss

This is a delightful children’s book of fantasy short stories told in the form of traditional fables. Author Dianne Henss weaves a web of intrigue for children about dreaming – yet all the time the stories have positive lessons for life. And a small piece of each dream makes its way back to reality.

The book is written for children in early primary school. Amelia is a girl who dreams of flying, in her dreams her long golden hair grows and catches in the wind enabling her to fly. She goes to faraway places, where she helps people to solve their problems. The stories exemplify the values of kindness, caring and helping others. When Amelia wakes there is always a mysterious piece of evidence that perhaps this was more than just a dream.

Amelia’s Amazing Dream Adventures, illustrated by the author, is a book of seven separate stories, 47 pages long.

The story was originally written for Dianne’s granddaughter after she was told her grandchild flies in her dreams. As a young girl, Dianne also flew in her dreams, which is why she has put pen to paper.

Dianne entertains the elderly in nursing homes by singing old songs and reading poetry, many of the poems she has written herself. She conducts the Cohuna Uniting Church and Friends Cantata each Christmas, and is a Shared Ministry Team member at Gunbower in northern Victoria.

The book is available in hard copy from Amazon Children’s Books, as an e-book from Kindle Australia, and as a narrated video book from her website-

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