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UCA Funds 30 yearsThis year UCA Funds Management celebrates 30 years as an ethical Fund Manager.

With the increasing focus on ethical investing the Funds Management team are increasingly reaching out to UCA members interested in investing ethically.

More than 200 people recently attended the annual UCA Funds Management investor briefing sessions.

As well as addressing the matter of the capital guarantee, the briefing enabled investors to hear directly from investment decision makers responsible for stewardship of the Church’s financial investments.

This year’s event was also expanded to three sessions and was the first to include personal and charity investor attendees.

UCA Funds Management CEO Michael Walsh said their team of financial experts are leading the way in the ethical investment space.

“The commitment to invest your funds ethically is deeply rooted in the organisation’s DNA,” he said.

“Our investment team is clearly making good decisions because Morningstar, the global independent investment research and investment management firm, consistently rates UCA Funds Management as a high performer across our different funds.”

UCA Funds Management team members also presented an overview of recent events in the financial market.

Questions during question time predominantly focused on investment opportunities available to charity clients.

“Not surprisingly, in this changing financial market along with the anxieties many are feeling in the wake of UCA Funds Management’s announcement relating to the capital guarantee last month, there was considerable interest in this briefing.

“Overall, attendees were very positive about the event and the presentation presented,” he said.

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