Is climate change a moral issue?

climate change
In his recent encyclical, Pope Francis reiterated each person’s duty to protect the environment for future generations. His assertion that climate change is a moral issue poses the question of how leaders and citizens can respond to the challenges of global warming.

A Grand Stand For the Environment has assembled a panel of experts to answer questions about climate change in a Q&A format. Grand Stand was formed by a group of grandparents and seniors in Manningham concerned about the impact of climate change on future generations.

The panel comprises of:

  • David Spratt, climate policy strategist and co-author of Climate Code Red.
  • Cath James, environmental officer for the synod of Victoria and Tasmania and editor of Green Church Update.
  • Dr Charles LeFeuvre, an expert on the psychology of climate change responses.
  • Sister Anne Boyd, editor of Earthsong journal, who will explore the spiritual aspects of the planet.

Each panellist has issued a position statement which will be presented to the audience on the night.

Ms James said in her position statement that environmental stewardship is central to the Uniting Church’s teachings. In its first public statement in 1977, the Uniting Church expressed concerns with the rights of future generations to enjoy the earth’s resources.

“The Uniting Church has been concerned about the environment from its inception. We see the earth not just important for humans but of value in itself. This informs how we understand our faith,” she said.

“Over the years, we have come to increasingly see the connections between environmental destruction and corporate greed and the need for a different economy.”

Sister Boyd believes Pope Francis’ encyclical will further encourage faith communities to take action on climate change.

“Placing the ecological crisis within a moral frame has the potential to galvanise action among believers and all those who accept a moral dimension in life,” she said.

You are welcome to submit questions for the panellists to answer on the night. Questions should be a maximum of 150 words and can be submitted here.

The forum will be conducted in Function Room Two at the Manningham Civic Centre in Doncaster on Tuesday 8 September at 7.30 pm.  For more information visit the Grand Stand website, email, or contact Julie on 0418597514.


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