Synod snaps – August

Presidents past, present and future at Assembly. From left to right: Rev Alistair McRae (2009-2012), Dr Deidre Palmer (2015-2018), Mr Stuart McMillan (2015-2018), Dr Jill Tabart (1994-1997) and Rev Prof Andrew Dutney (2012-2015).

Presidents past present and future

NextGen Youth gather at Merricks Lodge for their annual youth camp.

 nextgen youth camp

Manningham Uniting Church members at their Shared Garden (from left to right, Andrea Boundy, Faye Tse, Adele Gaudion, Helen Bartlett and Matt Boundy).

Dawn Sayers celebrates her 90th birthday with congregation members at St Leonard’s Uniting Church, Brighton.

dawn sayers

Congregation members at Korean Uniting Church in Western Melbourne celebrate the six year anniversary of their Bible seminar.

orean Uniting Church West Melbourne

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