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Orange Sky Laundry
The first thought that springs to mind when thinking of fresh laundry and men aged in their early 20s is (perhaps unfairly) the frequent trips back home made by such boys with a week or two’s worth of dirty clothes in tow.

So it is something of a surprise to hear of the latest initiative to help people who find themselves homeless.

Mobile laundry service Orange Sky is the brainchild of Nic Marchesi, 20, and 21-year-old Lucas Patchett. The not-for-profit venture aims to make life a bit easier for homeless people by washing and drying their clothes.

The boys from Brisbane started the venture last year in Queensland. This week they arrived in Melbourne, where they are looking for volunteers to help operate the machines that can wash and dry up to 20 kilos of laundry in an hour.

Steve Cook, who sleeps under a bridge at Docklands, told The Age that Orange Sky was a great idea.

“Every time you put clean clothes on you feel better,” he said. “You don’t feel so dirty, you feel better about yourself.”

Orange Sky relies on corporate donations and volunteers to operate. To contact Nic or Lucas, go to their Facebook page or email: info@orangeskylaundry.com.au

Image sourced from Orange Sky Laundry via Facebook.

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