100-year-old chalkboard drawings discovered

chalkboard drawingsA routine renovation at Emerson High School in Oklahoma has led to the discovery of chalkboards untouched since 1917.

The almost perfectly preserved drawings were uncovered by construction workers remodelling the classrooms. The boards revealed maths lessons, rules for keeping clean, a history of the Pilgrims and a countdown until Christmas day.

The chalkboards recall a bygone era where classes were conducted in neat cursive handwriting and brightly coloured chalk drawings. In today’s digital age, they have been replaced by electronically-powered smart boards and tablet devices. If someone were to unearth a 2015 classroom in 2115, we wonder what they might find of historical or sentimental value.

Sherry Read is a teacher at the school and was startled to learn that century-old drawings were hidden behind her chalkboard all this time.

“It’s been neat just to touch history,” Ms Read told ABC News.

“It’s seeing a glimpse of the past and what they had to work with and the penmanship is just awesome.”

The Emerson High School administration is making plans to preserve the historical drawings.

Image from OKC Public Schools via Twitter. 

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