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By Rev John Cranmer 

come find those silences between the words
that minds speak to themselves
as they tread sharp-edges of aloneness

here release the mind from its frenetic-yabberings
screamed-out in the darkness of its own self
in its fear of being utterly alone
within an intangible eternal primal unconditioned

come accept this slowing of mind of body
enter a place where uncontrolled angst
ceases its churning

meld into this silently-alive void
that imaginally-deep ocean-immersion
where is apprehended a pervading-light
that encompasses
in an all-entwining intimacy of love
of enchantment of god-fullness

a knowing that has moved beyond-words

And So???
We would come with you!!,
We would join you in your delving of wetland-edges
We would join you in the magpie-flight
to the red-gum-leaf-canopy
We would join you flying the eagle-thermals
around this craggy-mountain
with a very-abrupt prosaic settler-name

Rev John Cranmer has been a minister for various congregations in the Outer-Eastern Melbourne region. He was secretary for the Yarra Yarra Presbytery for a number of years and is a member of the Montrose and Boronia congregations.

Image by Kendra via Flickr.

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