Poem – The Lonely

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The Lonely

Central Australia Desert – ‘Hand Drawn with Mouse’ Digital Art 2002 by Margaret Gambold.


By Margaret Gambold

Lonely corridors they walk,
defeated, the world’s lonely.
Unnoticed among the multitude
of those delighted
by company and friends,
complete, not lonely,
unhushed by sorrow and
the solitude of those indicted,
to walk life’s pathway, lost,
unheeded – invisible, lonely.
Unbeckoned to a passion,
a season’s revelling denied them.
The nature of their lot,
unwanted, the world’s dross.
Unsolaced and unloved;
their fear unnoticed,

Margaret is an author, graphic and textile artist living and working in Ferny Creek, Melbourne. She is an Elder from Kennon Memorial Church in Sassafras. You can see more of her work at MGARTS.

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