Reviewing our culture

A desire for goodwill to others featured strongly in the recent culture survey conducted by the Major Strategic Review (MSR). Being theologically reflective, focusing on mission, discipleship and faith formation also featured as desired attributes for the Church’s future.

The MSR conducted an online survey from mid-February to early March in order to better understand the current and desired culture of the Synod. More than 1000 responses were received from people throughout the life of the Church.

“We would like to thank everyone who participated in the survey” Mark Lawrence, general secretary and chairperson of the MSR, said. “The survey results have given us some deep insights into our life together as a Church across the synod.”

The attributes of compassion and social justice were consistently selected by participants across their personal, current and desired categories.
“Having values repeated within all the categories tells us how people identify with the Church currently and suggests they would support a vision that builds on these values,” Dr Lawrence said.

“The results also indicate people want changes in a number of areas, calling for greater accountability and leadership development. It appears that our positive energy is focused outwards towards others, but we are unfortunately lacking in areas of self-care and internal community spirit.

“The MSR has heard similar messages as we have talked and listened with people across the Church. This survey reaffirms that we have strengths we can build on and people are also calling for change and renewal.”

A summary of the survey findings is available on the MSR Listening Post website. Results have also been shared with the Synod Standing Committee, the Centre for Theology and Ministry, as well as the senior leadership team for synod-based ministries and operations. The findings will support the development of future training, leadership programs and strategic planning.

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