Poem – The Dispossessed

poetry possum

Ring Tailed Possum – ‘Hand Drawn with Mouse’ Digital Art 2002 by Margaret Gambold.


By Margaret Gambold

Throughout our vast and troubled world,
the dispossessed,
of country, heritage and home,
humanity distressed.

A past, an ancestry disowned,
their land possessed.
Cut off, so silently they weep.
The dispossessed.

Lord, grant a mansion you’ve prepared
for all distressed.
A dwelling place within your courts.
The world’s helpless.

Not only by your hand O lord,
justice redressed.
But each with confidence restored,
hope repossessed.

Margaret Gambold is an author, graphic and textile artist living and working in Ferny Creek, Melbourne. She is an Elder from Kennon Memorial Church in Sassafras. You can see more of her work at MGARTS.

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