Church of all Nations to continue relief support

For decades, Carlton’s Church of All Nations (CAN) has delivered emergency relief to those in need.

While the Federal Government has abandoned funding to CAN’s operations, the church will continue to support the marginalised in its community.
Church minister Rev Dr John Evans admitted he was surprised when CAN’s grant (normally between $8000-15,000 a year) was not renewed in the latest round of funding.

Dr Evans said the church was seeking other avenues of funding as well as looking at how its support was structured.

“It has often been said that if we did not have emergency relief assistance we would have had to invent it,” Dr Evans said.

“People in need come to the church and seek assistance and we have to look at how we do that now.”

Dr Evans estimated that in the last 12 months the church had provided assistance to approximately 1000 people.

He is unsure how those people will be supported in the future, but providing food for those in need will remain a core function of CAN.

Dr Evans said the church had applied for a grant from the Share Appeal to tide it over while investigations continued into how the church will meet the existing local need.

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