Ultimate sacrifice recalled and recognised

On a wall of the small Uniting Church at Woodbridge, 36 km south of Hobart, hangs poignant reminders of the local congregation’s links with World War 1.

Of particular note is a marble plaque and a narrow photo frame with the pictures of three men. A brass plaque below the marble tablet indicates it was erected in 1920.

This trio – Lieutenants H.P. Hare and H. Chamberlain and Gunner A.E. Ellis – all were ministers at the church and all were killed during the Great War.

Lieut. Hare commenced his ministry in 1904 and died in 1916 in France, Lieut. Chamberlain began in ministry in 1915, three years before he was killed in France and Gunner Ellis commenced his ministry in 1910 and died in England in 1918.

The small township is not unique in the fact that 32 men with close links to the church enlisted in World War 1 and twleve did not return.

They are all remembered on an honour roll, with the exception of Lieut. Hare. No reason is known for his absence.

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